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Baccarat Teaching

How to play baccarat

Baccarat is a casino game with fair odds and a popular gambling product in Macau casinos.

Baccarat is divided into Player and Banker. This game uses 6 decks to 12 decks of cards (52 cards per deck), and the total number of game cards is 312~624.

Players can bet to choose the banker or the player. The card points are added to the single digit and then 9 is the winner. The maximum card point is 9 and the minimum is 0.

Both sides will deal at least two cards, the first and third cards will be dealt to the player, and the second and fourth cards will be dealt to the dealer to make up cards as appropriate.

Big Road (Baccarat Road)

  1. The red circle represents the dealer
  2. The blue circle represents the player
  3. The drawn sum will be represented by a slash, and if it is continuously drawn, the number of times will be marked with numbers.

Small road (Baccarat sign road)

  1. The starting place starts from the second row of the third column. If there is no Zhuang Xianhe in the continent, the starting place starts from the fourth column and the first row.
  2. The presentation method is also to judge whether it is neat, whether there is or not, and whether it is straight or not. The method is the same as the big eye road mentioned later.

Cockroach Road (Baccarat Road)

  1. The starting point starts from column 4, row 2 of the big road, or if there is no point in the big road, it starts from column 5, row 1.
  2. Judging whether it is neat and straight, here is a bit like the big eye road!

Big Eye Road (Baccarat Road)

  1. This road is a branch road list generated according to the road list of the “big road”
  2. The starting point of Baccarat prediction is the 2nd row and 2nd column of “Dalu”
  3. If there is no banker or player in the coordinates, start from the first row in the third column of the “road”
  4. With or without: Refers to judging from the road whether the second point looks forward to the first point or not, if there is red and blue, it will be red, if not, it will be blue
  5. Straight fall: means that there is no point in front of the previous point, and no point appears in the second point, then the straight fall is red

Baccarat teaching distribution bet play:

The following are divided into two types: flat betting method and reverse flat betting method for baccarat teaching.

Flat betting method

The flat betting method, also known as Martin’s strategy, is a very simple method. I believe that many novice players or baccarat beginners will use the method. When you lose, you increase your bet, but when you make a profit, you reduce your bet.

Assuming that the winnings and losses are of the same size, the odds are 1 to 1. Every time you lose money, you double the bet, and when you make money, the bet returns to 1 unit and starts again.

EX: 100.200.400.800.1600.3200.6400 and so on.

This type of play can achieve 100% profit when the dealer has no limit on bonuses and unlimited funds.

Reverse flat betting method

Inverse flat betting is called anti-Martin, and it is just the opposite of flat betting, reducing the bet when you lose and increasing your bet when you win.

Suppose you take out 10% of the principal to bet every time, if you lose, you will bet 10% of the current principal and so on.

Suppose the principal is 1000 yuan, the first bet is 100010%=100 yuan, and the remaining 900 after the unfortunate loss, the next bet is 90010%=90 yuan and so on.

This method is ignored by many novice or do not know there is this style of play, so you can use it more!