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6 Tips WM Baccarat Advanced Players Are Using

6 Tips WM Baccarat Advanced Players Are Using

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WM Baccarat advanced skills 1. Martingale betting method

This betting strategy is the most famous, as mentioned in the previous teaching article of “WM Baccarat Official Website”, the martingale betting method is to double the bet when you lose, 100 > 200 > 400 > 800 > 1600 > 3200 > 6400, and so on until you win. This strategy can only guarantee to get back the cost of the previous loss, and also win the initial capital. It is often called the straight cable method.

WM Baccarat Advanced Skills 2. Bai Ya Betting Method

Just the martingale betting method is exactly the opposite. The Boya betting method is to continue betting with double the amount in the next game after winning. This is the most radical WM baccarat betting method recognized in the industry. If you win, you will win all the money once All in, if you lose, just re-open, and then re-bet from the starting amount.

WM Baccarat advanced skills three, three dragons in one betting method

The three-dragon betting method is used in this way: if the player sees 2 jumps b, b, b, p, b, the sixth bet is the entry point, buy 300, win the next bet and buy 600, win At this time, the total principal is 1200, get back 1/3400, buy 800 for the next lot, and win the principal of 1600, get back 1/2800, buy 800 for the next lot, and win the principal of 1600, at this time you bet a total of 4 lots, the first A 100-in double treasure, 400, the second 100 in the third level, 800, the third 100 in the 4th level, 1600, after deducting the cost of 300, the actual win is 2500, the first stage is completed, and at this time Except for the first two single jumps, you bet a total of four mouths and you have opened six mouths. From the seventh mouth, start from 500, and use the winning valley to lose and shrink the stair cable to bet until it is broken… This is the jumping dragon .

In the case of Changzhuang/Jiangzhuang, you can also use this method and bet. When you see bpbpbpbb, it is the entry point to buy even. If you win the above bets, if you lose, please stop betting immediately, and wait calmly for a clear entry point before placing a bet. Note that the stop loss is 1500 each time, and the stop profit is until the break. Changzhuang is called Red Dragon, Changxian is called Blue Dragon, and Changjuan is called Cailong, so it is called Three Dragons in One. If you encounter a game of 2 or 2, you can only buy the second one and stop, so as to preserve your strength and wait for the opportunity. This is the principle of unlimited wins and limited losses. Don’t become a candy for wins, and losers become slogans.

WM Baccarat advanced skills four, Monte Carlo betting method

In fact, it is to write down 111111 again. The WM baccarat betting code is the addition of the two before and after. If you win, it will be eliminated. If you lose, you will add the losing bet code until the numbers are all eliminated.

It can also be used to start with the first bet. If you lose, write down the number. If you lose twice in a row, you can use the Monte Carlo method to bet with one bet.

WM Baccarat Advanced Skills 5. Irish Betting Law

Before placing a bet, the player must first set the upper limit of the bet, and then write down a list of numbers.

For example: 111222333, then add the numbers before and after, if you win, just add the winning bet later, if you lose, eliminate the two sets of numbers. “WM Baccarat Official Website” reminds you that this betting method is only used when you are lucky or when you have won consecutively until it explodes.

WM baccarat advanced skills six, betting method of watching lights

Watching lights is a gamble on people, not cards. Among the players, there must be winners and hell unlucky ghosts. Simply speaking, watching lights is like red top and white. For example, if you see a gambler who buys ten shops and wrong nine shops, you will definitely win a lot of shops by buying the opposite shop. On the contrary, if you find a gambler showing off his powers and buy anything that wins, if you buy according to the license, you will be rewarded if you ride along with him. This method is very effective, just find out the target person.

But in many cases, most people win for a while and then lose for a while, the light is not obvious, you must pay attention to a particularly prominent winner or loser, most of them can win money if you follow or top, and you will be There is no need to worry about what the sign road is, anyway, there are bright lights to guide the way, so you don’t have to worry about it yourself. When using this method, you must be firm and not change midway. Occasionally, you will win back one or two bets if you lose a lot of bets, but it is not easy to stop if you lose according to experience.

The only thing to pay attention to is the so-called bright light, what if the light is turned off? It means that sometimes the winners stop winning, and the losers stop losing. If the light signal is not obvious, if you continue to follow it, there will be no ups and downs. At this time, you need to change the light. If you cannot find a replacement light, you need to stop betting immediately to avoid mistakes.


Based on experience and statistics, choosing a losing lamp is easier to find than winning lamps, because there are many times more losers than winners. When you gamble with no direction, you can’t decide whether to buy the banker or the player. Buying the lamp is a more preferable compromise method. Anyway, if you use this move for a long time, you will find it very effective. It is easy to win money, so why not do it Woolen cloth?

All betting methods are designed to reduce and avoid risks. Honest betting is a part of it. Let’s not talk about statistical probability. Expert players have said that they do not reject this kind of betting method. After all, the psychology of prediction is also playing WM baccarat One of the greatest joys is not to get carried away.