Baccarat skills and rules that novices can understand

Baccarat skills and rules that novices can understand

Here we will introduce the very important and basic knowledge and skills of baccarat in gi casino. After you learn and familiarize yourself with it, you can start to make money from baccarat in gi casino!

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Baccarat Basics – gi Casino

Start with the most important information – the object of the game is to score 9 points with only two cards. Perhaps the next most important piece of information is to realize that gi casino online baccarat is a game of pure luck. Due to its simplicity, the starting hands are also quick, which makes it fun to play and saves time when trying to grow your bankroll. Numbered cards are equal to their face value.

  • 10s and royals value 0.
  • A value of 1.
  • Suit does not matter.

When your total score reaches double digits, the first number is removed – for example, 9 and 4 would leave you at 3; like 6 and 7. 7 and 8 would get you 5, and a pair of 5 will get you 0.

The game is usually played in shuffled shoes with 8 decks of cards, with the dealer facing down first to the players and then to himself. So far, easy.

To get 9 – or as close as possible – if the total is between 0 and 5, the player draws a third card.
If your total number of cards is 6 or 7, you must hold.
If the dealer receives a value between 0 and 2, they must be dealt a third card. If the dealer’s point is between 3 and 6, the tie depends on the player’s cards.

Players totaling 2 to 7 is 4 Players totaling 5 Players totaling 4 to 7 Players totaling 6 is 6 and 7 If the dealer’s total is 7 , 8 or 9 they must hold.

Betting – Win – Lose or Draw

There are three possible outcomes to any hand, and game participants can bet on any of the outcomes before the cards are dealt:

  • Player wins – If the player wins, you get paid 1:1, even cash – even though you owe the dealer 5% commission. The house edge on this bet is 1.24%
  • Dealer wins – If the banker wins, you get paid 1:1, even cash – even though you owe the banker 5% commission. The house edge on this bet is 1.24%1.06%

If the banker and player have the same total points, the bet is neither lost nor lost. However…

  •  Tie – The gi casino online baccarat edge for this bet is greater than 14.36%, giving odds of 8:1 (in some baccarat it can be 9:1 – this reduces the baccarat edge to something more manageable level, that is, 4.84 %).

Baccarat Tips – gi Casino

The baccarat skills you must learn if you want to make money in gi casino are revealed!

Whoever wins is next!

gi Casino Online Baccarat The most important thing is that you have to watch the market trends. This method is used here. We’ll see if the current outcome is Banker or Player.
If a business opens we will buy the business, if not we will follow the business until we stop!
If you just play against the dealer and it comes out free, it means the dealer is broke. Change to follow the free this time, and repeat the game until the free is sold out.
remember! Don’t buy a lottery after you have drawn it. The probability of drawing is too low. Wait for the result of the next draw before calling. If you lose two games in a row according to the above method, you should change the method this time, do the opposite, and buy the opposite direction of the last bet. , bets are bought for free, and you can easily use both of these games.

The regularity of the beaded road

When playing gicasino online baccarat, we can see the beaded road, the red circle represents the banker, the blue circle represents the player, and the green line in the circle represents the sum.
Observe the trend of each bead transaction, and you will know the regularity of the transaction. While the results won’t be the same every time, you’ll have the chance to earn big money comparing the skills you’ve learned. Very important!

When did Baccarat Dragon appear?

If the same result occurs in 3 consecutive rounds, such as: Zhuang Zhuang Zhuang or Xian Xianxian, it is probably time for the dragon to play at this time! The long dragon follows correctly until it is destroyed, but what to do after the dragon is destroyed?

Three Ways to Save the Broken Dragon

Step 1: Open some dealers on the road. Kill the players at this time and split the dragon in half. According to the card format, there is a high probability that this player will open the dealer later. At this time, the seller may deliberately chase. Unexpected benefits.

The second trick: Baccarat is played by Zhuang Xian. In this case, two players of the same game are played in groups. The two sides have a tacit understanding, and neither will let the other down. Example: Zhuang Zhuang Xian Xian Zhuang Zhuang Xian __, obvious blanks must be filled in by the player. In such a lottery changing mode, you can judge how to play the next round according to which one was opened in the previous round!

The third trick: gi casino baccarat single jump. When the baccarat single jump breaks, the chance of a long dragon is high! Example: Zhuang Xian, Zhuang Xian, Zhuang Xian, Zhuang Xianxian, you can see that idle appeared twice, disrupting the single jump situation, so the probability of idle being opened in the next game is very high! Long dragons may reappear.

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Set betting stop loss

Often the losers keep raising chips with the mentality of winning, so be sure to set a stop loss point. For example, if you can lose six bets this time, then control your chips. where it should stop.

no brainer bet

As the name suggests, it is to buy all the way to the banker or player, without changing anything, and bet to the end. This is especially true for new cards. If you lose a few hands in a row, you should wait and see, and wait until the winning streak is broken before you start betting! According to statistics, the winning rate of buyers is one higher than that of idlers.

Baccarat tricks – gi casino

You must know the secret skills of baccarat that you must learn in baccarat in gi entertainment city!

timing of side bets

Remember not to lose more than 3 times in the gi casino online baccarat game, stop betting after more than 3 times, and wait until the opponent breaks the winning streak before starting to bet. As long as you reach the goal you set, you can stop and set a new goal, which is the time to bet on one side.

Page Betting Bank

I believe that when playing baccarat, some people should be inclined to only bet on one side, and another trick is to bet on the dealer. After calculation statistics and long-term betting observation, the dealer’s winning rate is close to 51%. In fact, the winning rate of baccarat is roughly the same. Take 10,000 rounds as an example. The number of “banker” openings: 4581, the number of “idle” openings: 4458, the number of “tie” openings: 961, the actual gap is only 123 times. Secondly, the dealer’s betting is also a bit of a fuss.

Limitations on side bets

In fact, we cannot effectively reduce the house edge when playing baccarat in a casino. After all, they also want to make money, but if you play baccarat well, you still have a chance to make money. Useful strategy, I will tell you the core, and the rest is your own application.

Baccarat Cheats

In fact, there is no secret skill in the baccarat game, the most important thing is to study it. Look at the cards and betting methods on the table. Generally, it can be divided into four kinds of secret techniques: Dao method, beacon method, and calculation method. The method of playing cards, the method of betting, and the most important secret techniques are all written in other articles, you can go and have a look directly~

baccarat to make money

Many people who are new to the game of online baccarat at gi casinos have heard of it. The winning and losing of baccarat is terrible, because they don’t understand the skills and secrets. Whether it’s a novice or a seasoned gambler, who knows. Don’t want to gamble. What if you win at the casino? But even with the secret technique that we discovered, it is difficult to win in the casino, so we keep the spirit of having fun, take a little gamble with the capital we can pay, so as not to get lost in the game. Ultimate chaos. As for the baccarat secrets, I think it is better to observe the changes in the poker table, and then study, use mathematical methods to bet, how much to bet, do what you can, and don’t invest your own capital from time to time. Go down, and you may be beaten badly.