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Learned 4 WM Baccarat skills, the longer you play, the more you earn!

Learned 4 WM Baccarat skills, the longer you play, the more you earn!

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WM baccarat skills: look at the way

The way-seeing method is to observe the rules of the cards that have been dealt. For example: if you open BBB consecutively, you will choose B; if you open PPP consecutively, you will choose P; if you open BPBP, you will play B.

WM baccarat skills: betting method (cable)

If you lose, raise your bet to chase the loss or if you win, you will raise the bet to chase the win. For example: if you lose 2, you lose 2 and then 4.

“Cable” is to use one or more sets of fixed data as the basis for players to adjust their bets in the changes of winning or losing in the banker.

There are various ways to play cables, such as stair cables, flat injection cables, straight cables, receding cables, etc. There are also formulas such as Shuanglong Going to the Sea, Fighting, Playing Three Breaks and One, and interested players can study in depth. The game mode is first explained by taking the staircase cable (Grade up) as an example:

WM baccarat chip distribution method:

open the cards 1st 2nd the 3rd time 4th 5th
bet amount 1 3 6 10 15
total 1 4 10 20 35

The stair cable betting amount presents a “ladder-like” upward trend. The first time you bet 1, the second time you add 2 to become 3, the third time you add 3 to become 6, the fourth time you add 4 to become 10, and the fifth time you add 5 to become 15.

It is recommended to operate the stair cable only to the fifth (15) times, and it is not recommended to try if the betting amount exceeds the fifth progressive.

WM Baccarat Skills: Bright Light Method

To put it simply, it is to see who is lucky (black light) and choose to bet against him. On the contrary, if it is a lucky star (bright light method), choose to be the same as him, counter-play or follow-up to win.

WM Baccarat Tips: Card Counting

The most scientific method of all methods, based on historical records to calculate the winning rate, is also the only correct way of playing known so far! However, online WM baccarat has a high rake and thick cards, so it is rare to count a good card, but it is still profitable and has traces to follow.


Playing WM baccarat to win money, leaving behind the knowledge of mathematics and statistics, using various cable methods or luck to win a few days and months ahead of the so-called winning method, in the end still cannot escape the law of large numbers and the law of zero sum, in the end It will be consumed by the casino’s weak 1% advantage and rake, unless you stop playing WM baccarat when you are in the lead, so you win the casino, but for gamblers, there are a few that can really Can you quit gambling? ! Since you can’t quit, then guide and overcome it.

The super WM baccarat winning formula does not recommend beginners to use the Heqing strategy. Heqing is only in the lead in a few games, a few boots, or even a few days or months, but in the long run, it will still lose to Zero-sum, again, unless you’re inexperienced and won’t play. If there is no good betting method, cutting Heqing cannot bring long-term benefits.

The real way to win is not to be afraid of continuous betting, not afraid of long-term betting, and there is no need to cut Heqing, because for the tens of thousands of boots that gamblers will face in the future, the real good way is to win more and more. It’s not that you’re afraid of continuing to fight. Never think that the worst way will not appear, and don’t think that after cutting Heqing, the profits you have already won will only increase. Don’t think that after cutting the meat, you will come to play next time, and worse ways will not appear.

The real winning method must be supported by mathematical knowledge and statistical data. After explaining, it must be able to withstand the test of the law of large numbers and the law of zero sum, and still benefit positively. Continuing to gamble after winning money and regatting at intervals are exactly the same in terms of long-term results.

In fact, the real Achilles’ heel is not the continuous occurrence of games that do not match your own method, but the ignorance of mathematical knowledge and statistical data of WM baccarat players, their ignorance of DB knowledge, their love of gambling, and their inability to win in a losing streak. Unable to overcome impatience and panic in the state.

Eighty percent of the reason why gamblers lose money is because of bad mentality and improper methods, as well as the forward-looking grasp of a large number of long-term poker games based on mathematics and statistics, not because of insufficient capital and bad luck. good.

The essential difference between professional gamblers and ordinary gamblers is: whether they pay attention to mathematical knowledge and statistical data, and obtain profits from the entertainment city for a long time, continuously and stably according to their own technical system.

The betting method is more important than the betting method. Don’t overemphasize and pay attention to which betting method can be used to win. As long as the flat betting method can win for a long time, it is the real positive return method. If you use the cable, you can win more, or you can lose more. Under the verification of large numbers and zero sum, it is still consumed by the casino’s weak advantage and rake.

No need to think about when good luck will come, the favor of the goddess of luck, betting with intuition, master these 4 points of WM baccarat play, and open your eyes to see everything on the table, I believe you can also win at the table become the God of Gamblers in WM Baccarat, speaking of which, do you also want to bet on a game quickly? WM Baccarat Winning Formula