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Coin Pusher Skills Teaching Articles

Teaching coin machine skills, this method will help you win the coin machine! The key that coin pusher fans want to master the most is that coin pushers are not only loved by everyone in physical casinos, but also one of the favorite game items in online casinos. Today, let us use one article to unify the common ones Coin pusher skills teaching, I believe that after reading this article, you can find a coin pusher strategy that suits you!

Coin Pusher Skills Teaching

The so-called coin pusher means that if you see a pile of coins in a huge box, after putting the coins into the coin slot, if the coins can be collapsed from the coin hill, then the player can win, although the coins are pushed. The machine game seems to be very simple, but if you don’t use good skills, it is easy to go bankrupt. Now let us introduce the general arrangement of coin pusher skills.

coin pusher game

Coin pusher must win method 1. Choose a good coin pusher machine
If you want to make a profit in the coin pusher, the most important thing is to choose a suitable coin pusher first, then the online coin pusher is easier to win money than the physical coin pusher, because we can push the online coin pusher. Coin machine to see the score of the coin pusher, select the coin pusher according to the score, and select the appropriate machine according to different scores, it is possible to win the coin pusher.

The coin pusher must win method 2. The coin pusher loses coins

The way of throwing coins is also something that the coin pusher needs to pay attention to. You can throw the coins to the left and right first. Usually, you will throw 3 coins from the left first, and then 3 coins from the right. When you can push it accurately, it will be successful. , and then adjust which side you want to hit, and then look at which side has a higher chance of hitting, and record these positions first. No matter how many times you lose, you must record them one by one, so that you can get the highest score. .

Coin Pusher Winning Method 3. Mentality is everything

Not every time the coin pusher can make you win money, some people still won’t win no matter how much you use it, and some people will win big prizes at the touch of a hand. To make a profit in the coin pusher game, you must know that the coin pusher will take points for a period of time before giving out prizes, so don’t panic.