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2022 Lucky Gaming Fishing Machine Decryption

Everyone should have a lot of wild imaginations in their childhood dreams, right? Some people like to wait for a trace of sunlight to shine directly into the depths of their eyes on the towering mountain tops, while others enjoy the fun of fishing in the brackish sea water.

Although the epidemic has forced people to live in their homes, there are fewer opportunities to go out and fish with friends and catch the sea breeze, but the dream never stops in the imagination. Since it is impossible to meet in reality, why is it not so convenient now? The joy of swimming and fishing together on the Internet? The editor is also often beneficial to the convenience of the Internet. Using the network cable to experience the joy of catching big fish in the game, there are friends who meet together every now and then and share new things with each other, but you know that ordinary fishing games also Can I make a little money for my private house by profiting from it? The editor will tell you how to make your first pot of gold with a fishing machine in 2022.

How Lucky Gaming Fishing Machine Works

The game machine is also a machine, it has its own instructions for use and how to win or lose. Before getting the benefits, you should understand the working principle of the machine itself, as well as the drawbacks that need to be paid attention to and the small bugs that you usually cannot notice. With these Small gaps can easily gain a lot of benefits.

The game of Lucky Gaming fishing machine actually requires quite a lot of skills. With the right methods and skills, we can achieve the highest benefits. The editor has also sorted out many fishing machine technical articles. There are 2 mechanisms to ensure that The machine wins:

1. Water intake rate
2. Control over the amount of game coins

The rake rate is based on the following assumptions: when the player throws 100 coins, a certain percentage of coins will be withdrawn; the control of the game currency inventory is based on the following assumptions: the machine first sets the “initial inventory”, for example: a machine “initial inventory” It is set to 100 coins, player 1 wins 50 coins, and the game inventory is left with 50 coins. At this time, it is difficult to win the game. Conversely, if player 1 loses 200 coins, the game currency inventory has been replenished to 300 coins, and the probability of winning these 300 coins increases at this time.

Lucky Gaming Fishing Machine Cycle

A fishing machine and a slot machine are the same concept as the machine will continue to accumulate all chips until the set jackpot threshold is reached, so when you win money on a fishing machine, the winnings are not initially placed. The money in the machine, but the money accumulated by other players on this facility.

  • Eating points: At this time, it is in the eating state. Although there will be fish passing by, it is difficult to hit.
    Spit points: When the machine spit out points for you to fight, as long as you observe it, you will find that the level of the fish is getting better and better, usually you can choose to fight, and you can earn a lot of money.
    Casual: The machine is in equilibrium, i.e. neither lose nor win.

Lucky Gaming Fishing Machine Tips

1. Lanterns, devils, turtles, etc. are closer to the fortress. These fish swim slowly and can basically score easily.
2. The big beetles are mostly near the fortress, but the hit rate is low. Considering the stock of artillery shells, you can choose to give up.
3. If the shark appears when there are not many fish, please increase the firepower and follow up the shooting. If there are many small fish around the fortress, please focus on the small fish and do not waste too many shells.
4. When some fast fish are very close to the fort, you can use tracking to shoot and drive in the direction of the fish, and the small and medium shells will fire continuously with a high hit rate.
5. If the fishes come, these fast fish will cause the loss of shells, so save firepower and wait for the next wave of prey.

Lucky Gaming Summary

After knowing so many rules of the game, are your hands and hearts ready to move?

But during the epidemic, is it difficult to find relatives, friends or great gods to fight together on the game battlefield?

I’m so afraid that after being caught by the police uncle at the gathering scene, I will use a long and thin test stick to poke my nose and stab the drain and then doubt my life. Is there a good entertainment environment that can give me a chance to show off my skills?