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Fishing machine principle judgment

Fishing machine game principle

Generally, electronic games have two possibilities to ensure that the platform will win money.

One is the rake, which is the handling fee that the platform must charge when the player loses all the points. This is called the rake.
One is controlled by the game currency inventory, assuming that the initial inventory of a machine is 1 million points
Player A wins 500,000 points, and the inventory of the machine becomes 500,000 points. At this time, it is very difficult for you to win. Suppose player B loses another 2 million, and the inventory of the machine becomes 100-50+200 equals 2.5 million.

At this time, you have the opportunity to win player B’s lost money into your hands, the problem is. Generally, there are N people playing in a machine, that is to say, what you win is not the money of the machine, but the money of the person next to you, so at this time, you should also observe some wins and losses of the people next to you. If a person wins a lot of money, it is recommended that you take a break.

First of all, calm down and observe for a period of time, to see how many points can be scored by sending in, and then consider what cannon to use. When others can shoot big fish, you can shoot big fish with small cannons, or shoot small fish with big cannons, and vice versa. And do it, to observe its laws.

Fishing machine distribution cycle:

So fishing is divided into three periods, eating points, spitting points, and three periods of leisure.

Eating in installments means that you can’t fight anything.
The leisure period is when you maintain a balance between winning and losing.
The spit stage is when you can catch fish no matter what.
The most important thing is to observe, then test with some small cannons, and then wait quietly. If you suddenly find that the fish is easier to hit, you can consider adding guns slowly at this time. If the fish is easier to hit for a while, you can consider the firepower is full. When you find that the fish is not easy to hit, you can immediately change to small guns.

If you go fishing with a gun of the same frequency, you are sure to lose. So you have to grasp the sense of rhythm in it, and also forbid greed. If you win a certain amount, you must score points. I believe many people understand the truth of this, but when you really play, you can’t care about it so much.

play fishing machine mentality

“Rational”, in fact, no matter what you do, it is very important to keep your senses and stay awake. There are often people who want to win after winning; At this time, the skills I mentioned above for a long time have all returned to zero, because your heart has been occupied by the demon of gambling. At this point you will lose all your money. In fact, the fishing machine is a kind of entertainment, don’t use it as a tool to win money. Fishing machines really have no tricks.

Fishing Machine Trend

Fishing machine has been a very popular game in recent years. It has been popular for nearly 8 years. It is really a wonderful phenomenon of longevity and madness. The fishing machine is not actually a fishing machine at the beginning, it is a goldfish fishing game handed down from Japan

It became the current fishing machine because many engineers saw the tide of money it attracted, and reset the goldfish game to evolve into the current fishing machine.

Fishing machine games have become today’s fishing machines that shoot sharks, and they have become popular in an instant, and have spread to various fields, from the Internet PC to mobile games, and even the entertainment city has its own fishing machine. Fish game, let’s explore the charm and unknown side of fishing machine together now!