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Machine shop fishing skills

Must try this new fishing game

Fishing machine is a popular game now. Not only the fishing machine in the entertainment city has been innovating, but also the mobile game has been revamping the fishing machine game with a more beautiful interface and more functions. There are also many articles on the Internet about the cracking of the fish shooting machine. , How to learn the fishing skills of the machine shop? The following fishing teaching will give you the most detailed analysis of fishing hegemony skills! If you like fishing games, you must also try the 3D Shark King Legend of “Entertainment City”. The interface is beautiful and the operation is very smooth. There will be a special experience that other platforms do not have!

Basic fishing teaching novice village

How to win money with a fishing machine? To put it bluntly, if you kill the fish, you will score points.

But after all, it is also a video game in an entertainment city. There will be a rule of changing tables and scoring cycles. That is to say, you can observe the winning rate of each table. Sometimes the fish is more difficult to kill, but there are also situations where you can score casually by playing casually. The big fish that are difficult to catch will also become easy to catch at this stage. If you know the rules of the fishing machine, learn the basic fishing teaching and fishing skills in the machine shop, and maintain a good attitude, you can create a novice village of basic fishing teaching. , Come to the stage of cracking the fish shooting machine, the following will explain the fishing hegemony skills for you in detail. Without further ado, let’s scroll down to find out!

The fishing hegemony skills will tell you in detail

Fishing hegemony skills

The 3D Shark King legend of “Entertainment City” can be turned into a cannon by pressing +, and a small cannon can be turned into a small cannon by pressing -. Fish tricks.

Fishing hegemony skills explained in detail: changing tables

The 3D Shark King Legend of “Entertainment City” is the same as other slot machine games. It is possible to change the table if the game is not good. The online casino can change the table with just a click of the mouse. If the score is really too bad, don’t Hesitate, change the table decisively! Otherwise, it’s a real waste of time and money. In the 3D Shark King Legend of “JC Entertainment City”, you can see the winning rate of different tables, and you can take a seat at the table that is not selected!