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The most favorable time to enter the fishing machine

【How to catch the most favorable time to enter the fishing machine? 100% successful cutting in 3 minutes]

Players who like to play video games such as slot games must have played fishing machine games, and whether it is a fishing machine in a casino or a fishing machine in an online casino, there must be someone playing at any time. , It can be seen that the fishing machine game is quite popular in Taiwan. However, I often hear a lot of netizens discussing: “Big fish in the deep sea are tough, you can’t win…” Don’t worry, today Jin Dafa will teach you a trick to catch small fish efficiently, wait for the opportunity The fishing machine cracking game that let the big fish commit suicide!

The most favorable time to enter the market

The biggest difference between the fishing machine game skills and the slot machine strategy is “multiplayer swimming together”, so from the perspective of the machine, how much has been bitten depends on the total number of all players, not a single player, so when choosing When it comes to playing a game, it’s not just a matter of picking one to play. Here, I will list the situations that are not recommended to play, and the machines that can be used in the game for your reference:

In a fishing farm, it doesn’t matter if there are any big players. When there is not even one person, can you win a duel with the machine? In the case of fishing more often, it is a game with the players, and the machine is mainly for pumping money. , when it is time to give out points, you will give out points, but you are alone in the station throughout the whole game, and you don’t know if you can make it to the instalment. In addition to the fact that there are not half of the people, you should also pay attention to the seats that are full. After all, when the score is released, everyone will grab it together, and it is always difficult to grasp whether there are more people.

Fishing machine for the end

It is best to maintain about half of the total number of seats. For example, 2-3 people are more suitable, so that even if the installment arrives, all the big fish will not be killed by other players, and the small fish usually swim from the direction of other players. The combination of fish is also easy to encounter fish that are already dying for a long time and can be picked up cheaply. In addition, if you see other players bursting fish, it is recommended not to hit the fish in that direction. Usually, those who survive are hard to kill.

First use the trial version to become proficient in “fishing machine skills”

Although the fishing machine game is similar to the slot machine in procedure, it will be welcomed by many players so quickly, that is, in addition to the attractive odds of killing the big fish, players can also effectively control it through their personal fishing skills. The trend of winning and losing, I really feel the refreshing feeling of relying on the fishing machine to exchange Taiwan dollars. However, in addition to having a strategy that can make money by playing fishing machine games, you must also have the ability to cooperate with it.