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Theoretical skills beat fishing machines

Fishing machine tricks! After reading this introduction, you will know

In China, there are more and more people with fishing machines. There are many types of fishing machines today. From the original fishing master to the present, there are thousands of artillery fishing systems and ocean star systems. Fishing machine rules Each fishing machine works differently, but the principle is the same. I’ve read too much about fishing tips and they all talk a little bit. Some are completely wrong. I have been playing the fishing machine for three years and have written about the fishing machine skills for half a year. I asked a lot of mechanics and even contacted the programmer of the fishing game. Finally bought a fishing machine to study the fishing machine. Today, I want to seriously analyze the fishing machine game with you. To learn more, you can go to Baidu Fishing Machine and learn more about fishing techniques.

Fishing machine skills fishing principle:

Generally, gambling machines have two possibilities to ensure that the machine will win money. One of the rules of fishing machines is the rake rate, that is, if the player inputs 100 coins, he must withdraw a few coins. This is called the pumping rate. Another type of gaming machine is controlled by a coin inventory. Assuming a machine’s initial inventory is 1 million points, player A wins 50W points, and the machine’s inventory is 50W points. At this point, it’s hard for you to win Now, let’s say Player B loses another 200W, and the computer’s stock becomes 100-50 + 200 equals 250W. At this point, you have a chance to win the money that Player B lost to you. Usually, there are N people playing the game on the machine, that is, you won’t win the machine’s money, but you will win the money of the person next to you, so at this point you should also observe the wins and losses of the person next to you If a person wins a lot of money, I suggest you take a break.

Fishing machine skills fishing mentality analysis:

In fact, when people are rational, they don’t lose much and sometimes even win a little. Fishing Machine Rules You only feel better when fishing is a definite point in time and you lose a certain amount of time and you just want to get your money back and keep fighting. For now, you won’t save your guns. When you see any fish, you will hit any fish. If you don’t have money, ask your friends to borrow money. At this time, at this time, the technology I said above for a long time has all returned to 0, because your heart has been occupied by the gambling demon. At this point, you will lose all your money. So at this point, I don’t know if I’m thinking about the fart theory that fishing says. In fact, fishing is a form of entertainment. Don’t use him as a tool to win money. There is really no winning skill in fishing. Anyway, I have never seen one after playing fishing for more than three years. I don’t recommend this game if you have poor self-control.