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Hong Kong Mark Six

Origin of Mark Six

Since 1975, the British government in Hong Kong Mark Six has started to sell

“lottery accoutrements” in order to curb private “word and flower gambling” and replace the betting tickets at that time.

In addition to betting winnings, the remainder is also distributed to the Social Welfare Department for charitable purposes. Since 1976

the probability of winning the lottery has been greatly reduced, and it was officially named Mark Six

and the number of lottery draws has also been increased to twice a week.

How to play Mark Six

In fact, there are as many as 20 ways to play Mark Six, but because it is a basic introduction

this article introduces the most played games.
The gameplay is actually very similar to the lottery. It is divided into “menu number” and “menu number”.

If you only want to sign a single number, it is the whole car game. For example,

if you sign 01, as long as 01 is drawn, you will win the lottery.
If you want to choose more than two numbers, it is the two-three-four-star game.

Mark Six
Mark Six

Mark Six Lottery Winning Methods

There are a total of 49 numbers drawn in Mark Six, and the winning items are two-star, three-star, full car, half car, and car:
Two stars – two numbers in the middle, you can bet unlimitedly, and the bonus is 5,700 yuan.
Samsung – three numbers in the middle, you can bet unlimitedly, the bonus is 57,000 yuan
The whole car – only one number can be selected for 3850 yuan, and the bonus is 28500 yuan
Half car – only one number can be selected for 1950 yuan, and the winning prize is 14250 yuan (the principal is 5 times the winning amount)
Car – only one number can be selected 385 yuan, the bonus is 2850 yuan (the principal is 1 times the bonus)

Full car play

Only one number can be selected among the 49 numbers for a full car, a half car, and a seat car.
The whole car: 1 number is 3850 yuan, and the winning prize is 28500 yuan.
Half car: 1 number 1950 yuan, the winning prize is 14250 yuan.

That is, the bonus of the entire car principal is multiplied by 0.5 times.
Car: You can take 2 or 3 cars, and the price and bonus are calculated in multiples.
If you don’t understand the above, please briefly explain it again:

Mark Six has a total of 0102 0103 0104 0105 …… 01*49, so a total of 48 touches are accumulated, and each touch is calculated at 80 yuan.
80 yuan * 48 touch = 3840 yuan. If you win the lottery, it means that every touch 5700 yuan * 5 touches = 28500 yuan,

the winning multiple is about 7.42 times.
If you use 2 numbers for the whole car, you have to pay 3840 yuan * 2 = 7680 yuan, and you can get a bonus of 57000 yuan if you win the lottery.

Mark Six Betting Tips

Don’t bet all odd or even!
Many people may never know that most winning numbers do not draw six even or odd numbers.

After knowing that, players should also pay attention to the probability of drawing 1 odd number + 5 even number, or 5 odd number + 1 even number Very low, so it is recommended to choose 2 odd numbers + 4 even numbers; 3 odd numbers + 3 even numbers; 4 odd numbers + 2 even numbers.
Don’t sign the jackpot numbers that have been drawn in the past!
Don’t sign the jackpot numbers that have been drawn before, because it may take more than a century to draw the same six numbers again

keep signing the jackpot numbers drawn in the past, and the odds are almost hundred percent.