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The skills and types of different slot machine games

The skills and types of different slot machine games

The slot machine is a game with a very long history. It can be seen in many old Hong Kong movies or casinos. After all, the slot tiger chicken only needs to be placed and let the gamblers pull it. It saves manpower and is very beneficial to the casino. It is convenient, and for gamblers, it is simple and easy to use, and it has the feeling of making a big fortune with a small one. It is also very popular among gamblers, but do you know that there are actually several types of slot machine games? If you play wrong, you can be very unlucky~

Slot Machine Tips:

To choose the right machine, different machines have different problems, there are two main types of slot machines

1. Self-closing type:

It is controlled by the entertainment city itself. If you want to play a long line to catch big fish, you can open it a little bit. When you vomit, if you don’t want to drop it, you can bite until you explode! Playing this kind of slot machine strategy is useless. Dreaming is faster. The reality is so cruel!

2. System provider lease type:

The splitting rate is set by the system provider. The casino cannot make adjustments and controls. The system provider only earns system rental and membership fees, and does not account for winnings or losses. In order to make more players love this machine and earn fees from it, it is really difficult not to win big points! Casino I have no choice but to accept that such a slot machine is meaningful to play!

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Slot Machine Type

The types of slot machines can be divided into 6 types according to the playing methods of slot machines: traditional slot machines, composite slot machines, reward composite slot machines, progressive slot machines, connected slot machines and video slot machines.

traditional slot machine

The traditional slot machine is our first impression of the slot machine. This is how the slot machine 777 Lucky7 came about. It consists of 3 reels with different patterns on them. It will start to rotate, stop as long as the patterns are connected into a line, it means you have won the prize, and the more coins you put in, the more lines you can count, and the most common ones are 5, 7, and 9 pay lines. The more paylines, the more coins and bonuses you need to bet, and some slot machine games have special patterns, and there are bonuses when special patterns appear. However, the winning probability of traditional slot machines is uncertain and cannot be confirmed from the appearance, but the rate of return is about The formula is about 85%~98%.

Composite slot machine

The composite slot machine is not much different from the traditional slot machine. Simply put, the composite slot machine’s winning bonus is proportional to the bet amount. The traditional slot machine can only bet a fixed amount, while the composite slot machine can bet Bet more money, and the compound slot machine will not change your odds because of your bet amount. Simply put, you play ten thirty, the traditional slot machine can only press 10 yuan to win 10 yuan, but the compound slot machine You can press 20, 30, 40, etc. Generally speaking, the above two slot machines are relatively low-risk and relatively suitable for novices to play.

Reward type slot machine

The slot machine gameplay is the same as above, in fact, they are all the same. Simply speaking, the reward compound slot machine, when you bet the highest and win the first prize, there will be additional special rewards. Simply put, you bet 10 yuan to win 500 yuan, and the reward type compound slot machine I will give you 1,000 yuan again, and you will win 1,500 yuan in total. This slot machine is suitable for players who can afford high bets to play.

Progressive slot machine

The progressive slot machine is simply the concept of buying a lottery. The amount of each player’s bet will always be accumulated into the winning prize, and as long as someone wins the prize, the prize money will return to zero, so it will be divided into eating installment and vomiting installment. The first-order slot machine game, but the advantage is that you really have the opportunity to win the super jackpot, the slot machine jackpot.

Online slot machine

It can be said that it is an evolutionary version of the progressive slot machine, which is to expand the prize pool of the slot machine to the entire casino, and use the computer connection to accumulate the bets of the entire casino. The connected slot machine basically has a basic bonus, so in such a With multiplication, the final amount of the jackpot will be a very considerable amount, but the relative probability of winning will be lower.

online slot machine

Online slot machines, also known as image slot machines, are born out of the combination of the advantages of the above slot machines, and they also have an unshakable position in the online entertainment city. Online slot machines basically have three advantages: compound, progressive, and connected, so the prize pool is very impressive. Yes, and the general category of online slot machine games is more diverse. You can definitely find a slot machine with a painting style and payline that you like. Like the editor of Jin Dafa, I like Jin Dafa Magic Dragon Legend very much. The extra rewards are super crazy , There is joy from the sky, as long as you start the game, you will have the opportunity to have extra rewards, and the odds of Magic Dragon Legend start from 100 to 1. There was once a player who won 110,000 with 10,000 in Jindafa Magic Dragon Legend in one day. Nice slot game.