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Texas Hold’em Teaching Rules Episode 2

Texas Hold’em cards

The cards used in each competition venue are not the same, but they will use better quality playing cards, at least a pair of more than 200 yuan.

The more well-known brands are TEXAS HOLD’EM, COPAG, POKERSTARS, BICYCLE, BEE and so on.

I personally prefer big-character poker, it looks clearer, and I don’t misread the numbers and suits, just like the picture above

Texas Hold’em Chips

Chips of different denominations are distributed according to the type of game and used for betting when the game is in progress.

There are also many different styles of chips, depending on the material, weight and design, the visual and tactile feelings will be very different.

Especially poker players like to play with chips when they have nothing to do. Chips with good texture can make players feel more comfortable.

SWAG GAMIBG Casino Cut Cards

A plain card of the same size as the poker is dealt at the bottom of the card to prevent the bottom card from being seen.

Some people may find it troublesome and want to say that even if the last card is seen, it will be fine!

But Texas Hold’em is a game of intelligence warfare, and when you know a little more about the table than everyone else, even one more card, your odds increase.


The item used to mark the Button position, the dealer will start dealing cards from the first player to the left of the Button position.

Another name for this item is: “Button”, which is actually just turning the English upside down.

The button is the best position in Texas Hold’em. The reason is that the player in this position is always the last to act, which means that you can think about what to do after your opponent makes a move, which is very beneficial.

Some people have also said: “In Texas Hold’em, position is everything!” This shows how important the position of the button is.

SWAG GAMING Casino All-in Triangle

Used by the dealer to alert people at the table that a player has placed all their chips.

When a player calls out all-in, or releases all his chips, the dealer will throw the all-in triangle to remind other players at the table that there is already a player all-in.

SWAG GAMING Casino Card Press

It is an item used to hold down the cards in the hand and protect the hand from being taken away by the dealer. The card press should be prepared by the player or not used.

Anything that can hold cards can be used as a card press, such as coins, mobile phones, dolls, etc. I have also seen players who use models as card presses!

Under normal circumstances, the dealer will only take the cards when you throw them away.

But if you don’t put the cards in and get close to you after the cards are dealt, or if you are chatting or playing with your mobile phone, and don’t notice that the cards are a little far away from you, you may make the dealer misunderstand that you are going to fold the cards, and put the cards away. The card is taken away.

The cards taken away by the dealer can’t usually be saved. If you are worried about such a problem, prepare a card press yourself to protect your cards!

SWAG GAMING CasinoTime Bank

Usually only used in games, each player will send a fixed number of Time Banks at the beginning, which can be used to increase thinking time.

Some games have a fixed thinking time. For example, when it is your turn to perform an action, a 30-second countdown will begin. At the end of the countdown, if you have not made a decision, it will be regarded as a fold.

At this time, if you have a Time Bank, you can use it to increase thinking time.