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Online slot machine game secret skills

Online slot machine? Slot machine must-know rules and tricks

How to win at online slot machines and use your skills to increase the odds?

But first, do you understand the most important terms and rules?

Learning to win at slot machines is not an easy task, but there are a few things you can do to increase your odds of winning. Next, I will answer it for you!


Online Slots Rules

Spin: Refers to the beginning of a bet. This button is also often represented by Play or Start.

Autoplay: Refers to the button for automatic play. This button is often represented by Auto. This button can set the stop conditions of automatic play, we call it “strategy”. The most common automatic strategies are “stop playing automatically after playing N games”, “stop playing automatically when entering mini-games”, or “stop playing automatically when you get special prizes”. Different platforms have different strategies, and some platforms will The autoplay strategy is a bonus, and of course only available to Vip players.

Lines: Refers to the number of pay lines in the game. This means that the slot machine game sets a maximum number of paylines and the player can choose which line to bet on or go all-in. At present, most of the games use the preset number of betting lines as the maximum number of lines, and even no longer provide the service for players to choose a few lines.

Max Lines: Refers to the maximum number of pay lines in the game.

Bet: Refers to the betting amount of a single line. Players can freely choose the size to bet. The button often uses Line Bet.

Max Bet: Refers to the maximum bet amount for a single line. Some slot machine games provide a variety of Bet options. If players want to bet a larger amount, they don’t need to click the plus sign several times to increase the Bet, and they can use Max Bet to jump directly to the maximum bet amount.

Total Bet: Refers to the total betting amount of a SPIN. Total Bet = Bet * Lines, for example, 1 line is 10 euros, and the player is all-in 25, then the total bet required by SPIN at one time is 10*25 = 250 euros.

Win: Refers to the total amount of winning points a player gets in a SPIN.

Balance: Refers to the property held by the player, this button is also often referred to as Score or Credit.

Info: Refers to the description of the game rules, this button is also called Pay Table


Online slot machine play

No matter which slot machine it is, there will be a description in front of it. When you want to play, you must first understand whether the winning description is the machine you want to play. The editor here helps you to count the explanation and gameplay of various slot machines.

Pay special attention to the following 3 points:

  1. Look at the minimum bet amount of the machine first.
  2. The bet multiples are 1, 2, and 3 times.
  3. Winning combination: the bet multiples are different, and the winning multiples will also be different.

Slot machine: This is the simplest and most basic gambling method. You only need to pull the handle or press the button, and the three patterns are all connected in a line to win the prize.

Compound slot machine: “Winning amount” and “Bet” are proportional, and this is suitable for beginners to play. When you flip a gold coin each time, it doesn’t reduce your odds of winning.

Bonus compound slot machine: Plays like compound slot machine, but it is suitable for players who want to bet 3 coins at a time, and it has an additional bonus after the player hits the jackpot.

Multi-line slot machine: As the name suggests, it is played with multiple lines, and you can freely choose which line to choose. Of course, you will only win if the line you choose wins.

Buy More Earn More Slot Machine: This is a puzzling slot machine where every time a coin toss activates a particular payline, you must roll three coins to win the jackpot.

For example: toss a coin → a row of cherries appears and you win, toss two coins → a row of cherries or strawberries appears to win, toss three coins → three 7s appear to win the jackpot. But if there is only one coin toss and three sevens appear, it wins nothing.

Accumulation slot machine: The accumulation type is that the player’s money is drawn into the jackpot by a certain amount, and a huge bonus is formed. Winning the jackpot is like buying more and earning more, you have to bet three times to win the jackpot, but if you can’t triple your bet, then don’t play progressive slots.

Online slot machines: Use computer connections to accumulate slot machine bonuses in various casinos. Once you hit the jackpot, there may be a super high bonus.

High-stakes slot machines: This type of machine is a high-stakes machine. It can accept 100 yuan cash and credit cards, and usually has super high bonuses.

While online slot machines are simple, they don’t require as many tricks and rules as poker or table games, but sometimes the way many multi-reel games are wired can be confusing. Did you learn more after I explained it? There are also many casinos that offer free trial online slot machines. The editor recommends here that you can go to Sun City Casino to register and try it~