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BWIN Fishing Machine-Dragon Ball Fishing


Dragon Ball Fishing Tips and Raiders

Since the launch of the Dragon Ball Fishing of Biwin Electronics, it has become a new darling in the fishing market, relying on stable profits and good game experience. Today, let Xiaobian lead the players to use their skills to guide the Dragon Ball fishing to get more rewards and become the real Dragon Ball King!

How to get max harvest with small magnification bullets
Keep two principles in mind: when you see a dragon, focus on fire, and when a dragon ball appears, collect it!

Welcoming fishing machine set Vulcan Dragon

After entering the world of Dragon Ball Fishing, the player will be positioned at a random turret position. The position of the turret will not affect the player’s capture rate. At the beginning, the player can use the general turret to attack the fish that appear on the fish farm, but pay special attention to each As the time changes with the music, “Dragon” will appear. When the dragon appears, please focus your firepower to attack, and the dragon will randomly give feedback of more than 100 times or even as high as 200 times! And Shenlong will not be directly killed by other players, please gather Huo Shenlong when Shenlong is there, it will definitely make you a lot of profit!

Fishing machine to collect dragon balls

After a battle of Shenlong, you will bring Dragon Balls immediately after leaving. Don’t underestimate Dragon Balls. It is a treasure that can make you gain higher game profits and experience.

After the appearance of Dragon Ball, players can increase the bet on bullets to increase the probability of getting Dragon Ball. The feedback of Dragon Ball can be as high as 500 times, which is higher than all species on the field, and players can collect Dragon Ball to get more prizes. Afterwards, players can unlock the Dragon Ball Turret. The origin of this Dragon Ball Turret is not small. The special shape of the turret allows you to get more attention on the fish farm, which not only satisfies the sense of superiority, but also has a faster rate of fire than the general turret and allows you to stay in the fish farm. Destroy the fish species on the field in a shorter time and save more waiting time. If you can get two Dragon Balls, you can open a more advanced Dragon Ball Fort. The shape of this Dragon Ball Fort is even more refined. , of course, the rate of fire is no longer a problem. You must experience the coolest game fluency! If you’ve collected two Dragon Balls, just wait! Obtaining the third dragon ball is not only the reward that will give you the dragon ball, and the dragon treasure that will follow is waiting for you to dig! After collecting three dragon balls, you can open the Shenlong Prize. Choose your precious dragon jewelry carefully and it will bring you a super high reward of 1688 times!

If you see a cute looking manatee in the middle, yes! It is our lovely lucky beast “A Cai”. When A Cai appears, you can move your attention to A Cai. It can give you an appropriate amount of silver bullets. Although it is not as much as the dragon, it can be said to be 168 times. It is not without a small supplement.

How to move freely between bullet choices

When it comes to the amount of bullets, but the silver bullet that players love and hate, good shooting can make you profitable, and bad shooting is enough to make you fall through the ages. So here I am going to provide some favorable ways to play, so that you can become a shooting master by switching the choice of bullets properly!

Watch first, then strike

Through a lot of time observation, you can observe some winning and losing status of the players around you. At the beginning, you can use the small cannon to test the throughput of the fish and then wait quietly. If you suddenly find that the fish is easier to hit, you can consider increasing the injection pressure at this time, or consider using full firepower, and then shoot well. When you find that the fish is not easy to hit, immediately replace it with a small cannon and return to the state of small profit. If you go fishing with a gun of the same frequency, you are sure to lose. This is a newbie question at the beginning! So you must grasp the sense of rhythm in it, and you must also avoid temptation. After winning a certain number of points, the cannon will be switched. This will definitely be a long-term profit in the fish farm!

I believe many people understand the truth of this, but when you really play, you can’t care about so much. Just shoot! Make good use of your observations, after all, after playing for a long time, you will understand the fun of the whole game!

Master the distance of the fish school

We all know that fish will come in and go out on the fish farm. Please grasp the fish species that have just entered the field. The reason is very simple because the time after the fish enters the field is related to the success rate of your attack this time. If you shoot a fish today A fish that is only about to leave the fish farm will have a high chance of losing, unless you observe that the fish has been attacked by other players for a long time before you start, but this style of play is still very risky, rather than passive attack, active attack can win !

The trade-off of attack species

There are as many as 20 kinds of fish in Dragon Ball Fishing, but how to choose the fish to start sometimes also tests the player’s acumen.

At the beginning of the game, the fishes that come in are all fish species with relatively small multiples. At this time, you can use medium cannons to shoot to earn some silver bullets for the big fish that enter the game later. When you see the larger fish groups, you can reduce them first. Pressure injection test the water temperature and then increase the pressure injection to attack with full force. If you see a golden species appear, don’t let it go! This is a great opportunity to make your profits up to 80 times or more. If you see turret-style objects on the field, you can also hit the fire hard, the double-shot cannon gives you free bullets, and the drill cannon allows you to continuously attack the fish in the path until the drill cannon explodes, If these two weapons are used properly, they will become a good promoter of profits on the fishing ground!

Finally, let’s talk about the overall skills of Dragon Ball fishing.

We have always emphasized that technology accounts for 40% and luck accounts for 60%, so the technical level is also very critical.

Here Xiaobian also has some fishing experience that can be provided for your reference. Without further ado, let’s get to the point!