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Coin machine skills and methods’ strategy

What is the coin pusher trick? When you go to an arcade to play, there is always a game in which a group of people are watching. At this time, you will hear the sound of a coin falling. That machine is the so-called “coin pusher” of a physical casino. The coin machine is not only loved by everyone in the electronic casino, but now it has also evolved into an online casino and has also launched an online coin machine game. Today, let us introduce to you what a coin machine is and what are the methods of the coin machine? , skills, we will explain the confusion for you in detail in this 1 article!

What is the coin pusher trick?

A coin pusher, also known as a money pusher or a silver pusher (English: Coin pusher), is a machine game in an electronic arcade, just like the gashapon machines, dolls, etc. we often see. The coin machine is a huge transparent box. You can see a pile of coins in the box. Usually, the coins/game coins of the game are placed inside. The pile of coins is as high as a hill. After betting 1-2 coins in the coin slot of the machine, assuming that the coins have already collapsed from the coin hill, the player will win.

Although a game like the coin pusher seems to be very simple, it still makes gamblers addicted and unable to extricate themselves. The ultimate winner is the game machine itself or the player? It depends on whether you can make good use of the coin pusher skills, the following will start to introduce to you.

Online coin pusher method

Coin pusher method 1. Select the coin pusher machine

If you want to win big in online coin pusher games, you must first select a coin pusher machine, which is why online coin pusher games are easier to win than offline coin pusher games , because we can pay attention to the score of the coin pusher from the app, and then choose the coin pusher we want. Assuming that the score of the coin pusher is very high, we can try it, but we have to look at it first. What is the bottom score, some may also be because others lost a lot to raise the whole coin pusher, you need to observe different coin pusher scores, and then choose a good coin pusher suitable for betting.

Coin pusher method 2. Teaching coin push method

The push method of the coin pusher is also very important. First of all, you can throw the coins from the left and right sides of the coin pusher. Generally speaking, you will first throw three coins from the left, or three from the right, and then start to adjust the direction. Align one side, after hitting, start to see which side has a higher probability, then note this position, and then start to stack up the points, the score will be very high, so that your chances of winning the lottery will be much higher, such as throwing a 3 One is 6 times, 4 is 10 times, 5 is 20 times, and so on. Basically, you don’t have to worry about losing if you play this way. Then the bottom of the coin pusher represents the score. You must remember this clearly.

Coin pusher method 3. Adjusted mentality

Suppose you play the coin pusher no matter how you use it, you won’t win big prizes, or if you keep winning big prizes, you must adjust your mentality first, and keep in mind the following things we tell you:

Assuming that the coin pusher has been connected, stacked, etc., it means that the coin pusher still has time to wait for the big prize, so don’t panic at this time.
If there are some specific phenomena, it means that the coin pusher has reached a certain level of points. At this time, it may be a full game, or it may take a while to start winning the lottery. Waiting is necessary, you must Know.
Assuming that the coin pusher directly appears in the third stage, the representative said that the coin pusher machine will take a period of time before the prize draw may be drawn. At this time, you can directly switch to another coin pusher machine to play. Please remember that you will definitely eat the points. Only after a certain level will start punching, don’t panic!

Coin Pusher Raiders Summary

When playing the coin machine game, in addition to the skill of pushing coins, we must pay attention to our mentality at all times. Of course it is a good thing to win money, but we should not feel sad when we lose. After all, in addition to winning money, the most important thing in gaming games is The main thing is that we have to enjoy the process of the game, feel the relaxation and happiness that the game brings us, and maintain a healthy attitude is the most important, but if you still want to know more skills, please continue to follow us, we will bring you more Come to more rich coin pusher skills content teaching!