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fish king play like this

The fishing king plays like this, and the steady gameplay is also to make money

Have you ever met a goddess while playing Fishing King? As long as you play a game of Fishing King, you will earn a lot of gold coins. As long as you meet these gods in the game, many players will feel as if they have been abused and faked. The high-scoring fish species were all knocked out, and they fired their guns either by swiping the air or just fishing for others. The result is that the score did not rise, and the principal has been deducted. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to tell the players what skills the two fishing king games must have in order to easily get a high score in the game.

Know when schools of fish appear, as well as fair use rules

Many players will insist on winning in the face of high-scoring and difficult-to-beat fish species, but it often turns into the opposite effect. Not only wasted too much effort in playing high-scoring fingerlings, resulting in almost no half of them, more importantly, the principal was also being consumed all the time. If the relief appears again at this time, even if you have more gold coins, it is not enough for you to play. So remind players not to be too anxious, you can first observe how other people are playing and then decide the right time to enter.

Attacking with medium artillery is also a good option

Many fishing king players often have the misconception that they must play with cannons to play fishing king. However, in addition to the rapid depletion of principal, if the player does not play at a high rate, it is definitely not worthwhile. When playing with high magnification, everyone also uses cannons, but if there is too much competition, it may be more difficult to play.

Unless your principal is strong enough today, it doesn’t matter if you play with cannons. If you are a player who wants to win money steadily, it is recommended to play with a medium gun. Attacking a school of fish has a high probability of catching. Although the gold coins are less, small and medium-sized fish schools are easy to hit and catch. In the case of small profits but quick turnover, you can also make steady profits. Because some players are reluctant to play small fish when gold coins are insufficient, so we have a chance at this time.