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Fishing King actual combat strategy

Online casino is ramming! I believe that many newcomers to the game will choose simple and easy-to-play games.
In addition to the basic salon fishing king and RTG fishing recently,
Ou Bo albet even jumped out of the previous submarine shooting routine,
Develop a new air combat shooting game “Air Combat Century”,
If you are tired of playing the underwater world, try watching the century of air combat.

Having said so much, in fact, the gameplay of Fishing King is similar.
In addition to the different pictures and themes,
Next, let’s take a look, what other fishing king skills can’t be missed!

Fishing King’s “Four Skills” to Master Easy Win

Give points for small fish, shoot well and shoot full

If you have some experience in fishing games,
You will find that there are usually some slow swimming fish, lanterns, turtles, etc. around the turret…
Basically those are the bonus points that the casino gives players,
You just need to adjust the angle and shoot continuously with the level, and you can easily score points.

Aim for the path and do not shoot fish!

Many casino players see the appearance of fish, and they are anxious to shoot quickly to earn gold coins.
In fact, the swimming speed of the fish has a considerable relationship with the success of our shooting.
The faster the swimming speed, the harder it is to catch, so first observe the speed and movement of the fish,
Aim at the moving path in advance, instead of shooting at the location of the fish blindly

Give up the distance and seek the near, and accumulate less into more.

Whether a novice or an experienced fishing driver,
Shooting long-distance big fish is a criticism of many players.
Long-distance big fish, it’s not that they can’t shoot, but the CP value needs to be considered!
Wouldn’t it be a waste to spend a lot of bullets to shoot, but the effect is not very good?
If you are not sure that you can hit within three rounds, it is recommended to choose small fish at close range.

Keep a good attitude and shoot, gold coins will come naturally

Finally, in the entertainment city,
Whether it is Fishing King, or other baccarat, sports betting and other games,
Staying awake is very important.
Many players have gone bankrupt because of their irrational game mentality.

Entertainment City, as the name suggests, is a platform for life entertainment.
It should be “fun” to get more from it than to get rich from it.
At least this game is not as difficult as sports betting for beginners.
complex analysis of data is required,
If you are a player who wants to have fun and make a small profit,
Just follow the above tips to experience Fishing King, and there may be unexpected gains.