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Fishing machine gameplay

When it comes to the easiest games to play and easy to win, the first thing most players think of is fishing games.
Most fishing games have a few functions of the introduction interface. Remember to know a little about it before starting the game, but if you really don’t want to watch that much, it’s ok. Just turn on the automatic cannon fire violently, so that the cannon fire doesn’t stop. You can earn a lot.
Fishing game is such a simple game, in addition to enjoying the beautiful pictures, gorgeous stunts and the sense of fun and dripping shooting, the most important thing is to earn a big red envelope in the process of leisure and entertainment!

Origin of fishing machine

The fishing machine was originally a game for leisure and entertainment. When it flowed into China from Japan, it was a game of fishing with nets like in the night market, but engineers turned it into a kind of cannon. A game in which you can get corresponding rewards by attacking the school of fish is even more exciting in terms of experience!

The principle of fishing game

You must understand that all video games have a mechanism called “rake rate”, which means that when you put in 1000 yuan and the machine will only give back 990 yuan, then this 10 yuan is the casino‘s rake rate.
Fishing machines and slot machines are the same concept, in order to hit the jackpot for common players, because the machine will continuously accumulate all chips (Jackpot) until it reaches the set jackpot threshold.
So you must understand that when you win money on a fishing machine, it is not the money of the machine, but the money of other players, and the machine is just playing a role of providing venue equipment and asking for a “service fee”. .

Fishing machine game cycle

Fishing games are basically divided into three periods: “leisure”, “earn points”, “spit points”, these three periods are very important! Because it represents what the biggest result will be when you are playing.
These three very simple concepts actually represent
“Casual”: You will maintain a state of winning and losing parallel
“Eat points”: no matter what, basically no fish
“Spit points”: How to hit how to hit, 100 hits!
Because of the principle behind the design of the game, in order to continuously attract players to continue playing and maintain a stable income, these three states will continue to appear alternately.
In the end, the normal situation will return to the first point mentioned, you will be in a state of winning, but you will be charged a part of the “margin”.

easy to understand

Fishing machines of various fishing games, mobile games, or other gameplay derived from it…etc. It is precisely because the gameplay of this game is simple and easy to use that it can quickly become popular among various consumer player groups.
And because the graphics of the fishing machine are very easy to understand, it can easily cross the language barrier and become popular all over the world. With the current flow of information and the intercommunication of the Internet, the fishing machine will become more popular.