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Fruit slot machine skills

6 Fruit Slot Machine Playing Techniques

How to use the slot machine cracking method? It must be one of the technologies that everyone wants to know very much. The steps of fruit slot machine cracking are revealed. This article will teach you how to learn slot machine cracking technology step by step, so that the slot machine will no longer swallow your money, but keep spitting it out to you. !

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The first step of slot machine cracking: First of all, you must “test the machine” first. The test machine can be said to be the most important part of the slot machine cracking method. When you are testing the machine, you must remember to bet everything. There are three sets at a time, compare your scores in each set, and then make sure to record the size and order of each set truthfully.

The second step of slot machine cracking: Then, you need to press 30 points to the small three yuan, and then compare the scores of each game with each other. At this time, the order of big or small, you can refer to the test machine. There is absolutely no problem in the order, the success rate can reach at least 60% in this way. At this stage, you only need to win almost enough, and you don’t need to keep comparing.

The third step of slot machine cracking: When you reach this step, you must repeat our first step, that is, “testing the machine”, you need to bet one point on everything again, and when the big three yuan is opened, The test can be stopped.

The fourth step of slot machine cracking: When the fourth step is reached, it is basically when the big three yuan appears. At this time, you must bet, and you will almost certainly win the lottery. The probability of winning is as high as 70%.

The fifth step of slot machine cracking: At this stage, you have to try the machine again and again, and repeat steps 1 to 4. According to statistics, the current highest record is that you have won more than 800 at a time, and you have only played for two hours, remember ten million Don’t worry, if you still don’t win this game, don’t bet hard, you must be calm before you can win.

The sixth step of slot machine cracking: This step is the most critical step in all of them. You must pay special attention, otherwise the previous efforts will fall in vain!

The sixth step of the slot machine cracking method can be divided into two small steps:

If someone has been losing money in the beginning, no matter how much you bet, you can’t win, you must do this:

After the player leaves, you immediately resume playing the slot machine, wait for at least 10 minutes or so, and then start to bet a few points. At the beginning, you may not be able to open big points, and even a little small prize will not appear. , This only proves that the current slot machine is still in the state of taking points. At this time, all you need to do is wait. When you vomit the installment, you can start giving you points. It will be a big state. At this time, it is time to send points. You must seize the opportunity during this time and bet more points, because it may be possible to run continuously. Basically, such points will last for a period of time. 20 minutes or so, but the premise of everything is that someone has lost a lot of money on the plane, and this will happen.

The rules of playing lottery

The so-called rule of playing lottery is that when it turns to the middle position, the light of the dragon slot machine is on. At this time, you should pay attention to it. If the lights are turned off two or three consecutively, it means that the slot machine is still in the state of taking points. , at this time you need to change to a slot machine, because no matter what you do, the slot machine will eat your points.

But if you play the lottery and hit the jackpot, then there will be a jackpot in the last 3 hands. The probability is about 60%. If you hit the big mango, the next hand may also be the same. It is necessary to judge that the slot machine is in a state of taking points. At this time, it is the best policy to be careful, and other situations can be deduced by analogy, and you will be able to find out your own lottery rules.