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How to be successful in slot machines

Introduction and Strategy Guide of Winning Odds

Like other games like online baccarat and roulette in live video, slot games are designed with completely fixed odds. But how few players use these disclosed odds to choose games and whether there are other things they can do to improve their odds of winning.

Here are some basics:

The winning result is as random as computer programming
The odds of the game are completely fixed, so the casino has an advantage
With few exceptions, no strategy applies at all
The following article will introduce how slot machines work and the concept of odds, so that you can understand how to choose to make sense.

How does a casino in Yingyun make money, in fact, the answer lies in the odds offered by those games. In live casino games, this calculation is relatively simple, for example: the total number of roulette numbers is 1-36 plus 0 and 00, so the true fair roulette bet odds should be 1/37, but the banker Only pays 35 times the winning amount.

Slot machine odds have many similarities to the above examples. But what’s special about slot machines is that there are many opportunities to get special bonuses, the most common part is the little tricks designed by game designers, such as free spins, hidden bonuses. Also because of the relatively complex bonus method, the odds calculation is actually much more complicated than baccarat.

In general early machines, each reel had 10 symbols * 3 reels, for a total of 1,000 combinations (10X10X10).
The maximum reel can hold 20 reels, 20 spaces, and the combination can be increased to 64,000 (40X40X40).
For the online slot machines in the casino, the programmers were able to make the reels more possible. In the well-known game “Megabucks”, the 3-reel maximum payout exceeded 39 million yuan, and there were 50 million sets of spin combinations. Most online slot machines have 5 video reels, which can create 10 billion combinations whenever there is demand.

Simplified winning odds table

After looking at our basic introduction to slot machines, let’s design a simplified version of the winning case. It can be seen that the 3-reel game consoles invented after 1895 also operate in the same way. Assuming that each reel has a “7”, two “BAR”, 3 cherries, and 4 watermelons, it will be Generates 1000 combinations (as mentioned in the previous point) and returns 83.2% of the payout to the player (meaning 83.2% odds).

From the example game mentioned above, we can draw more detailed conclusions:

In the 3-reel game, there is only one “7” that exists, representing the symbol of the jackpot.
Each reel has 2 BAR,
1,000 combinations are derived from 10X10X10.
Only one combination represents the biggest prize, and three 7s appear at the same time.
3 bars are 8 combinations, 3 cherries are 27 combinations, and 3 watermelons are 64 combinations.
There are a total of 100 winning chances in the above, which is equal to 900 groups of other combinations.
Simply put, the chance of winning is 1/10 (don’t look at the amount for now).

Online slot machine odds are highly complex

Any online slot machine you play in your casino also works this way, but for more complicated reasons:

Use more than 4 symbols
Most online slot machines have more paylines
Game designers must also take into account the hidden bonus part

Online Slot Odds Cases and Explanations

We use the classic game “Gem Blast” provided in Q8 Casino as an explanation example, you can see that there are 8 different kinds of symbols on a single reel, plus special bonus events. All symbols need to be assigned to a random set of numbers and assigned to the same type of winner, and different paylines have different payouts. This makes it quite difficult for the average player to calculate the winning odds for an online slot machine. The slot machine game differs from the computational concept of bingo bingo.