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Online fishing machine must win

1 Answer How do masters make money playing fishing machines?

How to choose an online fishing machine? Tired of playing cookie-cutter baccarat? Many players have turned to fishing machines with exquisite and playable pictures. Why? Today, let us take you to see how masters make money by playing fishing machines. Apart from the impact of the epidemic, why are people more willing to play online fishing machines on the app? What’s so great about it? Let us clear up the confusion for you all at once!

How to play online fishing machine?

The fishing machine is actually very similar to the fishing game we played in the night market in the early days, and it is also very similar to the fishing game in the Japanese amusement park, except that such a game can be played with a mobile phone, and cannonballs are used to fish. In the fishing machine game, you can get different amounts of game coins/game bonuses. On the one hand, you don’t need to go directly to the game field to gather and crowd people, you can play the fishing machine with one machine. Therefore, more and more people now like to play fishing machine games in online casinos.

Fishing machine game can be regarded as one of the best games to get started. As long as you see fish, small fish and big fish appear, you can touch your shells (cannon, small cannon, medium cannon), as long as you can Shoot the fish and you can get game rewards. Of course, as long as you hit the fish and fish that are more difficult to hit, the game bonus you can get will be more blood, but don’t think this game is so simple It is quite difficult to fight big fish. Sometimes if you focus too much on big fish, you will waste too many shells, and you will not see any of them killed, so you need to know how to choose fish, how to fight, and how to pick and catch them. The fish machine is the point!

Online Fishing Machine Winning Method – Slot Machine Skills Guide

Did you know that slot machine skills can also be applied to fishing machines? Just like you can find out how to win money from slot machines by understanding the rules and regulations of slot machines, fishing machines can also find out how to make money in this way, so what should you do? I’ll take you to find out now!

Before you start playing the game of fishing machine, what you have to know is to catch the “time” right. You can earn a little more with your wine. If you catch the wrong time today, you will waste shells and lose a lot. This is uncomfortable, just like What about the rules and regulations of slot machines? In the same way, fishing machines are also divided into “eating period”, “spit period” and “leisure period”, which we have been constantly emphasizing for everyone.

We need to observe the fish carefully during the leisure period, because this period will neither win nor lose, and watching the changes is the proper way to face leisure; during the eating period, even if there are seemingly good fish passing by you You should also hold your ground, because at this time you can only use small cannons to hit small fish. It is very difficult to catch fish during this period. You can only use small cannons to fight slowly. After that, you have to start attacking hard. At this time, go all out to catch fish. The fish that are usually hard to catch will become very easy to catch during this period. You can use this period to catch them all in one net. Please You must pay attention to the movement of the fish and the feedback when fishing, so that you can clearly know the cycle.

Online fishing machine experts teach you how to play

After understanding the cycle changes, I will introduce you PTT’s famous fishing machine skills. These skills can free you from the dilemma of blindly firing shells, but let you know how and where to hit the fishing machine. Fish, once you understand the fishing machine skills, you will only have to win money in the future!

In addition to the fact that you can hit and send fish as mentioned above, the next important thing is the two skills of “alignment angle” and “level continuous hit”. First of all, you can adjust the turret to an angle of 5~45 degrees. At this time, you can hit a lot of fish that go straight to the fort. Even if these fish swim very fast, don’t worry. When you encounter such a fish, you can hit it right. You can hit two or three consecutive shots, and hit both sides of the fish Cut attack, at this time, there is a good chance to be shot down, and the hit rate will become very high, then when you switch shells, you can choose shells with different magnifications, and use two or three times the shells when encountering big fish. The small fish can attack with 1 times the shells. Controlling the cost is the key to fishing skills. Fishing games need to be played slowly for a long time. If the shells are fired to the highest multiple at one time, it will be a waste. Time, accurate cycle, use skills, you can make a big profit!