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Slots APP! The most famous among slot machines is the game of slot machines, so such popular slot machines are always unforgettable, so they have developed into an online slot machine app, which makes people inadvertently try it out, and the results are good if you are not careful. With millions in the pocket, slot machines are not only a game of luck, but also a very important skill strategy. Let us introduce them to you one by one today!

Origin of slot machine

Slot machines are also known as slot machines. Around 1896, a man named Charles Fey created an unprecedented business machine with entertainment effects in his small factory. The material is mostly metal, there are 3 axles inside, a coin slot on the surface and a starting lever to start. Soon this machine became a necessity for salons and casinos.

Although slot machines have only been created by Charles Fey for more than 100 years, they have already become a must-have game in casinos. With the continuous advancement of technology, slot machines have also gotten rid of the cumbersome design and transformed into these fashionable electronic game machines, and online slot machines are the final evolution of the electronic version, not only referring to the original slot machines, but also There are also animated slot machines that are popular in online casinos. Animated slot machines focus on gorgeous pictures and colorful winning prompts, showing 3D stereoscopic appearance on mobile phones and computers, also known as 3D slot machines.

Strictly speaking, Charles Fey is not the developer of the slot machine. Many relevant scholars said that the slot machine was developed by “Sittman & Pitt” of the Brooklyn company in the United States. So Charles Fey is just the creator of the slot machine, and Sittman & Pitt is the developer of the slot machine.

Slot machine APP rules

The gameplay of the slot machine game is very simple. The player only needs to put in chips or tokens, press to start, the screen will start to spin rapidly, and then wait for the result.

The way of betting will be arranged according to the amount of bets placed at the moment, for example:

Slot machine introduction chips – put in 1 bet

Just play the middle row.

Slot machine introduction chips – put in 2 bets

The top row can also be played.

Slot machine introduction chips – put in 3 bets

The bottom row also counts as a bonus.

Slot Machine Introduction Chips – Put in 4 Bet and 5 Bet

Even the diagonal line is included in the score.

The higher the bonus, the higher the betting amount. If you don’t have enough funds, don’t try to challenge the super-high jackpot. The specific game rules will still be slightly different, and must be introduced according to the rules of the machine that the player is currently playing.