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Slot Machine Economics

Slot Machine Economics | Ponzi Gambling Revealed, Tell You Exclusively (Part 1)

do you know? Slot machines are also a kind of economics. Ponzi games are like this in the casino, turning the slot machine market, so how to master this skill? How to use economics to beat slot machines? How to win big in slot machines? How can I not get caught? These are all skills in skills. Today, let us explain “Slot Machine Economics | Ponzi Gambling Secrets, Exclusively Tell You (Part 1)”! Notice! Due to the length of this article, this article will be divided into two parts for everyone to explain. Please pay attention to our last part, so that you can learn the complete economic skills of Ponzi gambling!

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slot machine

Slot Machine Economics: What Elements Are Needed for a Ponzi Game?

To open a casino, you need three things as a form of wealth:

Underlying Debt C (“Money”)
Circulating debt A (game currency)
High Interest Debt B (Points in Slot Machine)
B must maintain a higher increase than A (the casino puts water on the odds, so that most people who put the game coins into the slot machine and exchange them for points can win, and the number of points B won increases more than the number of A in the field )

The growth of A is collateralized by B (allowing to use the points won in the slot machine to bet further into the slot machine)

A market with two-way flow between A and B (click the refund button, the points won in the slot machine will be spit out as game currency)

A market with two-way exchange between A and C (a counter that cashes game coins with money, and maintains a stable two-way exchange between money and game coins)

A can act as currency in the casino (you can use game currency tokens to buy food and drink in the casino), but only in the venue.

Slot machine games: How do the principles of economics apply?

The goal of the casino opening the slot machine project: the casino obtains the “money” in the hands of the players:

1. Slot machine odds set to release water

So that those who use A to bet on slot machines can have a high probability of winning a certain percentage of the points in the slot machine, and at the same time, they can only use the game currency A to bet on the slot machine (the slot machine does not eat money, only the game currency). This will attract more players to exchange “money” C into A at the counter for cashing out DB game coins, and then use A to bet on slot machines to earn game coins B.

2. You can win money by maintaining DB in the slot machine

At the same time, the number of slot machines is limited to grow slower than the total amount of game currency A in the hands of the bettor, so as to maintain the attractiveness of the points B in the slot machine relative to the game currency A (A can only win money when A enters the slot machine and changes to B), so that players can win. Keep entering the market, constantly exchange your C for A, and keep throwing A into the slot machine for B.

3. What should I do if the number of slot machine gamblers drops?

As a result, the amount of money C is exchanged for game currency A into points B in the game, and the number of players who exchange game points B back to game currency A and money C is gradually approaching (that is, the casino cannot cheat more.) When the “money” C net flows in), the program settings of the game are suddenly changed, and the point B in the slot machine cannot be spit out the corresponding game currency A immediately, but only a limited amount of spit out, and each person is limited to spit out a certain amount at a time. In this way, the total number of game coins A in the player’s hand at the same time is reduced, thereby reducing the pressure on the exchange of game coins A to money C, and maintaining the overall direction of net exchange of C to A.

4. How to change the slot machine program?

When the cash limit setting still cannot solve the problem, and when the net inflow of the casino’s money C drops sharply, it is about to reverse the direction. In this way, the casino is not cheating in name (the casino does not promise that the slot machine will definitely let you win), and the players lose a lot of money in the gambling game, the points B they hold drops, and there is nothing to say (willing to accept the loss). Of course, not all slot machines will change the program at the same time. In a few big slot machines, it is still necessary to restore the original settings from time to time, so that players can win some points B to maintain players’ confidence.