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Slot machine rules, techniques, and loopholes are publicly disclosed (below)

13 must-know slot machine rules, techniques, and loopholes are open to the public (Part 2)

Regarding slot machine skills, such a broad and profound content cannot be explained for a while The rules, techniques, and loopholes are disclosed (below), which is the last article of this unit. After the three articles are integrated, you can embark on your glorious slot machine road! Without further ado, let’s get started with today’s content!

Slot Machine Tip 9: Take the Tokens Out to Use

When you play some slot machines in a real casino that require betting coins, you might also think about putting a string on the coin and then pulling it out as soon as you put it in in order to trick the machine into misinterpreting it. There is an example abroad: a player in Nevada tied a brightly colored string to a coin and used this technique to play slot machines continuously, but unfortunately was caught by the casino administrator and his hand was cut off. Now… No, it’s not that serious, just sent to the police station and sued by the casino.
Today’s slot machines are often improved for this, so stop trying to get free plays with this trick.

Slot Machine Tip 10: Operate with Fake Tokens

Today’s coin identification systems are already quite sophisticated, so don’t think about taking chances in this way. On the contrary, when the wrong token is put in, it is likely to trigger the system warning of the slot machine, and then remind the nearby administrators to come to care about you.

Slot Machine Trick 11: Use Magnets to Control Winning

Game consoles in the past 1960s and 1970s are indeed affected by magnetism due to manufacturing problems. Some cheating players can use magnets to control them, and the scrolls in the screen float freely. When there is almost a winning combination, it is only at this time. The magnet was removed, but in the later development of the slot machine, this problem has been improved, and the key part of the reel is no longer affected by the magnet because of the circuit board problem.

Slot machine trick 12: Internal default machine

In the 1990s, there was a very famous team that used slot machine cheating and profiting methods in major casinos. The young girls in their team will enter the large slot machine, and through their research on the system rules and the operation of the machine, they will change the winning result. Of course, this can no longer be done in modern times.

Slot Machine Tip 13: Using Technology to Change Results

The Nevada Gaming Commission has reported that an engineer secretly installed a slot machine chip that he had modified without authorization. When the operator bet coins and select the bet amount in a fixed order, the slot machine system will judge the victory and automatically pay, of course. , and finally the engineer was arrested.

Slots are the most popular gaming game in many gaming hot countries such as the United States, Europe and other regions. In Asia, most players still like live video games, such as live baccarat, etc. Because players in Asia are less exposed to the slot machine part, they often have some misunderstandings about video games, which makes them often frustrated in playing video games.