Tips for Playing Fish Machine Games

Tips for Playing Fish Machine Games

In the previous article, we introduced the use of the fishing machine to make money cycle, and the fishing machine strategy cracking based on the principle of the working machine, so today we will continue to introduce the gameplay of senior fishing machine players, that is, use Angle, observe the fishing skills of the fish, if you have made good use of the fishing machine cycle and the principle of the working machine, and want to improve your own fishing machine skills, then you must take this article Read the article!

Fishing machine to make money – what are the fish?

First of all, you must first establish a concept that no matter what kind of fish we are going to use the fishing machine to catch today, the turret should be fired in a way that is as parallel as possible to the fish you are going to catch, and the two sides of the fish to be caught should be fired as much as possible. On the other hand, then you will definitely want to know what the fish are. In fact, you only need to observe one thing, that is, the moving speed of the fish is very slow, such as turtles, lantern fish, devil fish and so on. Categorized in the sub-fish, you have to adjust the angle of the turret first. Basically, these fish are sure to be heavy.

Fishing machine to make money-Send points fish strike angle

  1. Turtle: The heel and tail of the turtle are the best places to hit, and the head and shell are the most difficult, so you have to hit from the sides or the back of the turtle, so that it is easier to hit with one shot. middle tortoise.
  2. Lantern fish: If you want to catch a fish, you need to catch the fish’s gills. The head and tail are the opposite of turtles, which are more difficult to hit.
  3. Devil fish: If you want to fight devil fish, you need to raise the angle of the fort. The front and back of the gills are easy to hit, and the body and tail are not easy to hit.

Fishing machine to make money – catch the right time to catch big fish

If you want to master the essence of making money with fishing machines, then how to switch turrets flexibly is absolutely the key to everything. If you are a novice today, we would suggest that you play small fish to accumulate some gold coins, and then start to challenge big fish. It is very clever to look at the size of the fish to switch the turret. If your target – the big fish appears, at this time, if there is no interference from the small fish, you can start to strengthen the firepower to lock on your target and give the big fish a heavy blow. At this time, suppose If you have the frequency of Joe’s good angle shooting, you even have a chance to hit rare species such as “Golden Shark” and “Golden Dragon”, and when you encounter fast fish, you can Follow the shooting method, that is, you shoot in the direction of the fish, and use the medium or small cannon to fire in bursts, and the chances of these hits are very high.

Fishing machine to make money – fish attack to save firepower

The most important thing in the fishing machine game is to observe the cycle changes. When you encounter a large number of fish, you must first check whether they are fast-swimming fish or slow-swimming fish. If it is a fast-swimming fish, it usually requires a lot of Even the bullets have a chance to hit. At this time, it is easy to lose all the gold coins. Remember to keep your vitality at this time, and wait for the big fish to pass before you start shooting.