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Bigwin fishing machine

Generally, bigwin electronic fishing games have two possibilities to ensure that the platform will win money.

One is the rake, which is the handling fee that the platform must charge when the player loses all the points. This is called the rake.
One is controlled by the game currency inventory, assuming that the initial inventory of a machine is 1 million points
Player A wins 500,000 points, and the inventory of the machine becomes 500,000 points. At this time, it is difficult for you to win money.

Suppose player B loses another 2 million, and the machine’s inventory becomes 100-50+200 equals 2.5 million.

At this time, you have the opportunity to win player B’s lost money into your hands, the problem is. Generally, there are N people playing a machine, that is to say, what you win is not the money of the machine, but the money of the person next to you, so at this time, you should also observe some wins and losses of the people next to you. If a person wins a lot of money, it is recommended that you take a break.

First of all, calm down and observe for a period of time, to see how many points can be scored according to the number of points sent in, and then consider what cannon to use. Do it, to observe its laws

How to judge the distribution cycle of BWIN electronic fishing game machine:


Therefore, the bigwin electronic fishing game is divided into three cycles, eating points, spitting points, and three periods of leisure.

Eating in installments means that you can’t fight anything.
The leisure period is when you maintain a balance between winning and losing.
The spit stage is when you can catch fish no matter what.
If you are still not clear about the three cycles of eating points, spitting points, and leisure, you can click the link below
Reference Talking about those things about the online BWIN electronic fishing game in the casino – I wish you become a master of the BWIN electronic fishing game industry
The most important thing is to observe, then test with some small cannons, and then wait quietly. If you suddenly find that the fish is easier to hit, you can consider adding guns slowly at this time. If the fish is easier to hit for a certain period of time, you can consider turning on the firepower. When you find that the fish is not easy to hit, you can immediately change to small guns.

If you go fishing with a gun of the same frequency, you are sure to lose. So you have to grasp the sense of rhythm in it, and also forbid greed. If you win a certain amount, you must score points. I believe many people understand the truth of this, but when you really play, you can’t care about so much.

“Rational”, in fact, no matter what you do, it is very important to stay sane and stay sane. There are often people who want to win even after winning; and want to turn around when they lose.

At this time, the skills I mentioned above for a long time have all returned to zero, because your heart has been occupied by the demon of gambling. At this point you will lose all your money.

So in fact, BWIN electronic fishing game machine is a kind of entertainment, don’t use it as a tool to win money. Fishing machine really has no tricks

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BWin Fishing-God and Demon Fishing

If you want to make money in China’s magic fishing, you must know a few tips

Big win electronic fishing machine game: Chinese gods and demons fishing, this fishing game is incredible ~ a classic fishing mechanism game with high odds, with a new gameplay to capture the beasts in the mountains and seas, imposing and powerful Golden Dragon. Killing the rare mythical beast “Bai Ze” can get the King Bomb missile, which can annihilate the locked beast monsters 100%; the special accumulation mechanism can summon the God of Wealth, with a maximum bonus of 1688 times, and the casino’s characteristic JP lottery game has been added for players to enjoy The thrill of winning the jackpot instantly! The total jackpot is up to 3188 times!

There are several features of this fishing machine that you must know first, and keep in mind that these features will allow you to get more rewards in the game.

1. When you see Zhu Rong, please gather fire

Why? Because killing Zhu Rong can get free Zhu Rong bullets, so that you won’t waste silver bullets to attack high-rate monsters for a period of time, and when two local Zhu Rong appear, you can also accumulate the number of free silver bullets, so that you can Effectively get the biggest rewards.

2. If you see Thor, please attack

Thor has a special all-court indiscriminate attack, which can attack all monsters on the field within a period of time. If you see Thor and observe many monsters with high magnification on the field, you can kill Thor and get the Thunder Meteorite blessing. In a short period of time, all monsters on the field have a chance to be wiped out.

3. Mythical beasts appear to be collected

When playing, there will be three kinds of mythical beasts within a limited time: White Tiger, Suzaku, and Xuanwu. After killing the mythical beast, the collection box next to your fort will light up the bead of the species that was hit, and all three different-colored mythical beasts will be collected. After that, you can summon the God of Wealth, and the treasure of the God of Wealth will have the opportunity to give you 1688 times the super reward!

4. Golden Dragon Swinging Tail Everyone Earns Together

When you see the golden dragon on the game field, as long as you keep attacking the golden dragon, not only will the golden dragon not disappear, but it will continue to give you money, up to 500 times, so when you see the golden dragon, you must use the silver bullet. Hit the golden dragon, because all players’ goals will be on him, which means that everyone will work together to earn the golden dragon’s rewards!

5. Don’t miss Bai Ze’s arrival!

On the field, you will see an oversized mythical beast “Bai Ze” appearing on the field for a period of time. At this time, please do your best to destroy Bai Ze, Bai Ze will give you the supreme and majestic Wang Zhuang missile, this Wang Zhuang missile After obtaining it, be sure to use it carefully, he can attack all species on the field and must annihilate it! Even the golden dragon that can’t die can be killed~ Make other friends envious, haven’t you grasped this wonderful opportunity to ridicule the audience?

6. Golden Birds and Toads Make You Rich

Why do the golden birds and toads make you rich? According to the experience of the editor, I found that this game may be a loophole. The monsters that are twice as large, that is, the golden birds and toads, cannot be killed. Everyone You must know that small multiple monsters must be the best to kill, and the kill rate is nearly 90%. Now that this small monster can’t be killed means that you can continue to output stable output on him, which means that you can continue to stabilize small profits and continue to gain stable income. The accumulated amount of profit is really not small! So don’t miss out on this great opportunity to make money!

7. Continuous output has a chance to get random big rewards

In the game of Chinese magic fishing, there is a very good mechanism, that is, there is a random multiplier reward feedback. This feedback does not need to target the monsters hard, you just need to fire a silver bullet, and this random reward will be given immediately. Come out, allowing you to randomly replenish silver bullets while playing.

8. Observe the dynamic and static switching of the fish farm and double the firing rate to attack

There is a function in the Chinese magic fishing game that is evolved from the previous generation of fishing machine – Dragon Ball Fishing, that is, the fort that increases the shooting speed, which can be switched arbitrarily in the Chinese magic fishing! So grasp a key point. After playing for a while in the normal rate of fire state, if the monster has not died and is about to leave the field, at this time, switching to a high rate of fire fort can speed up the bullet attack speed and increase the probability of the monster’s death, so senior All players know how to switch between turrets, so they can come and go freely!

The above are the tips and tricks that many players and Xiaobian have learned and discussed with each other. They are provided here for players who need to make a lot of money or improve their game experience. I also hope that players can play in the game of Chinese magic fishing. Happy earning ^^