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Bwin Fishing-God and Demon Tower Defense

BWIN fishing machine gameplay overview

The background of the game is the chaotic period when the three Bwin Fishing worlds of man,

god Bwin Fishing and devil have not yet been divided in ancient times.

It is derived from the familiar mythical beasts and monsters in the mythical scripture of mountains and seas,

as well as the ancient gods Fuxi/Nuwa/Zhurong/Gonggong and other characters.

At the beginning of the game, the monster will go from the monster’s point of departure to the departure point along a fixed route.

When the monster enters the hero’s attack range, it will be attacked. Each attack of the hero will deduct a drop of the monster’s blood. After zero,

you will get the corresponding reward.

During the game, all attacks will have the opportunity to kill the monster with one hit. Players can also use the aiming function to designate the hero to shoot.

The key point of this game’s strategy is: be sure to kill the monster, if you are not sure, just skip him

Bwin Fishing
Bwin Fishing


Introduction to the hero ability of the fish

ing machine

(if you already know the rules, you can skip it)
Nuwa: Each attack can fire 3 bullets, after upgrading it becomes 5 bullets

Zhu Rong: Higher chance to kill, increase attack speed and infinite attack range after upgrade

Gong Gong: Unlimited attack range, increased attack speed after upgrade, and fires 2 bullets per attack

Fuxi: Super high attack speed

Booming Seal: Allows the hero to maintain the upgrade status for 10 seconds

Aiming function: the hero will give priority to attacking the designated monster

Tip: When the monster is about to enter the attack range, use the Boom Seal to improve the hero’s ability.

Using it too early or too late will waste the hero’s upgrade status

Fishing machine array placement skills

For heroes with limited attack range, the corner position will allow the hero to generate the most effective attack range.

For heroes without attack range restrictions, it is not just random placement that can make you win money,

because this game The position of heroes cannot be changed after the game starts, so when placing heroes,

you must first consider the upgraded abilities of heroes. Below are some examples for your reference.

Example 1:

Although Zhu Rong’s attack range is much larger than that of Fuxi, if Zhu Rong is placed in the position shown in the figure below,

the effective attack range will be greatly reduced, and the length of the road within the attack range is the real effective attack range.

In addition, Fuxi’s attack speed is much higher than Zhu Rong’s, so monsters will be attacked more times within the attack range,

but Zhu Rong’s chance of killing is relatively high, and how to place it depends on the player’s own experience.

Hero placement focus: Correct placement of heroes so that monsters can receive the most effective attacks

Example two:

Nuwa is a character who attacks with multiple bullets. If there are a lot of monsters on the field,

her ability will increase the efficiency of the player to clear monsters a lot.

If there is only one monster in the attack range, Nuwa will hit all the bullets at it. Monsters,

for monsters, are equivalent to being attacked three times.

This attack method can quickly kill monsters full of blood, but the remaining blood of monsters is too small, and the effect of multiple bullets is not significant.

The key point of hero placement: match each other according to the abilities of the heroes, in order to kill all the monsters most efficiently

Example three:

Although Gonggong is a full-screen attacking character, if it is placed in the last position,

the monster has already taken several more steps during the flight of the bullet. If it encounters a fast-moving monster,

there will be more long window period.

Based on the above reasons, my personal preference is as follows.

First, I use Nuwa and Gonggong to hurt the monsters in the front. In the middle,

I use Fuxi’s super high attack speed and Zhu Rong’s high kill rate to finish.

The bloody monster runs out of Fuxi’s attack range, and Gonggong can also turn back to defend.

The useful thing about this formation is that after each hero is upgraded, its effective attack range is really increased.

If Fuxi and Gonggong exchange positions,

when After Fuxi upgrades, the increased attack range goes to the background of the game (there will be no birds flying out to fight you in the background)

Fishing machine game skills and experience

There are hundreds of game players, and each player pursues different goals and uses different strategies.

According to my estimation, a game using four heroes will require about 1000 rounds of bullets without using props

No matter what kind of player you are, you must prepare at least 500 times your stake for comparison.

Insurance (you can’t just prepare 10 bullets and want to beat all monsters), but don’t worry too much,

follow the configuration mentioned above to fight monsters steadily, the reward rate is almost 100%, don’t be afraid All the money is spent

and the qi must be long enough to see the grand prize. Here are a few tips to share with you.Bwin Fishing

All four heroes must be turned on Bwin Fishing

Some players will worry that all four heroes are fully activated, and the cost per second will be too large, so they will only open one or two heroes to kill monsters.

This approach is equivalent to dropping before the battle.Bwin Fishing

Although it is said that each attack will have the possibility of one-shot death, there is still a large part of it depends on the hero to destroy the monster’s HP.

A hero can cause very limited damage. In this case, you All the attacks were in vain. You must try your best to kill the selected monster.

if you are not sure to kill him, let go of this one and aim at other monsters.

Use attack mode sparingly Bwin Fishing

I believe that some hardcore players are looking for super high magnification.

My brother is here to fight with you, so I choose the attack mode with magnification priority.

After playing for a while, I will find that the winning aperture keeps jumping, and the result is that the wallet is getting more and more desolate.

This is because the game uses floating odds, and the logic of odds priority is to target the monster with the highest odds to attack.

Having the highest odds does not mean that he will definitely open such a large multiple of rewards, and these The monsters have high HP and are not easy to defeat.

If they step out of the attack range, the hard work they invested in the front will be in vain.

for example: Bi Fang’s HP: 25; Odds: 9X-40X (the median value is about 25) Huoguang Beast’s HP: 70; In this case, the Firelight Beast seems to be at a loss. Therefore,

under normal circumstances, it is necessary to use distance priority to allow all heroes to maximize the efficiency of killing monsters.

However, in the berserk mode, you don’t have to use the strategy of distance priority.

The berserk mode of this game is to let four demon kings appear one after another,

and the game will end if you kill the four demon kings or they all leave the screen.

With the distance-priority attack, the hero’s main attack will not target the Demon King,

which will lead to a large number of monsters appearing one after another, but will make the hero’s attack too scattered,

and finally let a bunch of monsters with residual blood escape.

The unicorn reward is the real fortune
Although it is said that in the process of the game, winning and losing are ups and downs, sometimes it takes a few bullets to hit one or two hundred times,

and sometimes it takes five hundred bullets to kill the devil to get two hundred times, only in the unicorn level, it will be guaranteed Make money,

so you must kill the most monsters with the least cost in order to enjoy the abundant bonuses of the unicorn level.

“The more monsters you kill, the better the chance.” I spent three days testing. If one person plays the whole game, only 5 times in 100 games;

if all four heroes are used, 100 games Encountered Kirin 24 times. It seems that you have to play well to have a higher chance of entering the bonus level.

In addition, I am not sure under what circumstances,

after attacking the unicorn for a while, the unicorn will jump out of the screen and then jump back,

and the returning unicorn will transform into a more ferocious appearance. In this case, if you attack the unicorn, it will drop.

The reward is much more than that of the Kylin in the general state.

Take advantage of the game pause Bwin Fishing

At the top right of the screen, there are two functions of pause and acceleration that can be used. Originally,

I only clicked the game pause when I wanted to go to the toilet, but! I suddenly found that after pressing pause,

you can still operate heroes or aim at monsters, as if you have discovered a new continent.

This function allows you to click pause when you enter the unicorn level, and then start the game after upgrading all heroes one by one.

The faster the shooting speed of the hero and the higher the number of bullets, the higher the chance of winning the big prize,

and all the attacks in the Kylin level must win money, so there is no need to worry about the cost is too high.

For the same reason, in general games, you can also press pause first,

then aim at the monster you want to attack or the hero you want to upgrade, and then start the game, so that each attack will have the greatest effect.

Make good use of the replay bet adjustment function
As mentioned earlier, how to place heroes can get the most efficient attack,

but sometimes you just want to quickly enter crazy mode to fight a large number of large monsters.

At this time, you can put all heroes out of strange places. Since Golden Toad only has 10 drops of blood,

it is impossible for him to escape by shooting him with all his strength.

Moreover, you can also adjust the betting amount to the minimum first.

When you have collected enough items, you can directly re-play the game and recalculate the calculation. Draw the layout and bet amount for the next game.

Don’t be stingy with using props Bwin Fishing

Whether it’s the Raging Sky Seal or the Furious Secret Stone, there is a limit on the number of holdings,

and after the game is exited, these things will not be kept in your account.

If you accidentally turn off the game without using it, then the previous efforts All wasted. In addition,

I have observed that the golden toad only has a half chance of dropping money, and the other half chance is to drop items.

Among them, the Bombing Seal is easier to obtain than the violent dense stone, so if your item column is full,

toad Continuing to drop the props, for you, it is simply giving the money to the other party in vain.

The pockets are deep enough to challenge the fury mode
The number of monsters in the berserk mode is much larger than that in the normal mode.

When you combine it with the demon king, the overall game difficulty is much higher, and all heroes are in an upgraded state.

The output per second is really terrible. It is recommended that players have at least 1000-2000 times.

Only the bet amount can survive smoothly. If the player with deep pockets is not enough,

it is strongly recommended to use the multiplier priority mode,

and it is necessary to quickly clear the demon king before deciding whether to deal with ordinary monsters.

After playing the violent mode several times, I feel very nervous and exciting.

Due to the high load on the heart, it is recommended that players with psychological quality and deep pockets go to the challenge.

In addition, the chances of appearing unicorns in the berserk mode do not seem to be particularly high, only 1-2 times in about 10 times,

but almost every time the unicorns will turn into a fierce state, and the heroes after the berserk mode will also maintain an upgraded state.

You can get thousands of times the bonus every time you play Qilin. Challenge yourself if you have the chance.