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lottery betting

Introduction to lottery betting

In addition to football, baseball, basketball and other types of sports lottery, there are also various sports lottery games and rules that can be changed. Taiwan Sports Lottery currently provides more than 10 sports and 20 ways to play including baseball, basketball, football, tennis, badminton, ice hockey, American football, racing, golf, pool, etc. for consumers to bet.

What is included in the lottery betting

Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Ice Hockey, American Football.
These are several sports lottery competitions that have appeared in Taiwan for a long time. Choose one that you are more interested in. Then bet according to your analysis of the game board and enjoy a variety of different sports lottery games!

Introduction to each term

Handicap/No Handicap: As the name suggests, you can choose between handicap or no handicap for the game when betting.
Size: The lottery platform will have different standards for big and small points according to the strength of the two teams. The platform will set a number to determine the standard for big or small wins in this game.
Odd-Even: Predict the total score of the two teams after a match is “odd” or “even”.
No handicap in a single game: The player with the highest score in a single game wins or chooses to bet on a tie. Usually only the first game can bet on this play.
Winning Gap: Guess the difference in the score between the two teams.

How to calculate lottery odds

Every game, every platform, every different play has different odds, there is no exact odds number, but there is an average.
After selecting a specific platform, you can find the odds of multiple games of the day from the platform. If you think the odds are acceptable, you can place your bet directly.
Generally speaking, the stronger the team, the lower the odds, and vice versa.

How to bet on the lottery

Thanks to this age of digital information, we don’t have to stick to lottery shops, we can place bets online.
As long as you find a gaming platform you like, you can bet on the Internet.