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Video game street racing is super easy to earn

The video game Street Racing is an electronic slot machine game. I believe many people should be unfamiliar with this game. After all, the legend of the dragon was popular a while ago, but it is because the video game Street Racing is unpopular that it is worth our money. As long as you use the right street racing skills to make money, basically making money is just a matter of minutes. Let’s see how to make money while watching beautiful women!

Street racing game teaching

Street racing gameplay, online racing games will be divided into three types of bonuses: GRAND, MEGA, MINI, etc. Players can see the accumulated bonus amount when they enter the online racing car. Of course, if one of the bonuses is reached, the relative bonus can be obtained. , In addition to the golden rain, there is also a chance to win accumulated bonuses. Players will have the opportunity to trigger lucky bonuses when playing online games. At this time, they must click on the treasure chest on the screen, and there will be a chance Get the corresponding bonus.

The above picture shows the payline of online racing. There will be a total of 5 reels with 243 paylines connected. Reels 1 to 5 are not limited to any position on the reels, and there are 3 reels or more in a row from left to right. If the connection with the same icon appears, you will get the bonus corresponding to the township. In addition, the free game of the online competition is triggered by the “racing flag”. It can also replace any icon except for bonuses, bonuses, scatters, etc. If there are three “Championship Cups”, the MINI will be awarded, the four Champions Cups will be the MEGA Award, and the five Champions Cups will be the GRAND Award.

The above picture is the online racing rate table. You can calculate it according to the above odds. Simply put, it is the betting multiplied by the odds, which is your corresponding bonus. When entering the free game, remember to Select the free game you want within the time limit, and once 60 seconds have passed, the system will automatically select it, so everyone must pay special attention to this.